Still Life Gallery

Still life paintings have been set up and painted from life in the studio. I would consider setting up and doing a

commissioned work creating a more personal painting from the things that mean the most to you. I am showing some

works that are sold as they are available as Limited Edition Giclees.

Sunflowers, Lilies and Tulips  20" x 16" oil



Taste of Italy  16" x 20" Oil  Sold  (Limited Edition Giclee's Available)


Cabbage and Leeks 18" x 24"  Oil  (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



Pitcher with Lilies  16 x 12"  Oil Sold



Wine and Cheese 14 x 18"  SOLD (Limited Edition Giclees Available)

Asian Figurine with orchid, necterine and grapes 12" x 16" Oil  Sold



Sweet Grass and Sage  20" x 20" Oil



Tang Horse with Lilies  15" x 17"  Oil 



Sunflowers and Lemons  12" x 16"  Sold (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



Two Old Friends  16" x 20" Oil  Sold (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



Wagon Ride  16" x 20" oil  (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



Garden Fresh  8" x 16" Oil



Copper, Apples and Daisies  12" x 16"  Oil



Radish bunch  8" x 10" Oil



Half Peeled Orange  6" x 6  Oil



Apple  6"  x 6"  Oil



White Tea Roses  12" x 16" Oil  Sold



White Tulips 12" x 16"  Oil  Sold  (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



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