Growing up on a cattle ranch in rural North Dakota gave me a real "hands on"

understanding and knowledge of this particular genre of painting.

Palomino Portrait 12" x 12" oil on gallery wrap canvas  Sold  (limited edition giclees available)



Beauty of the Badlands 15" x 30" oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas with painted edges



Gone but not forgotten, ND Prarie Homestead  12" x 16" oil Gallery wrap Canvas


Prairie Sentinel 15" x 30" oil on gallery wrap canvas with painted edges



Chief Bears Arm 12" x 9" oil (limited edition giclee prints available)



Lean Wolf, Hidatsa Chief   12" x 9"oil (Limited Edition Giclee Prints Available)



Mattie Grinnell 12" x 9" oil (Limited Edition Giclee Prints Available)



Running Wild and Free  11" x 14" oil (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



A Country Christmas - 42 Chevy Truck  11" x 14" oil 



Self and Transcendence - my self portrait 11" x 14" oil



Sammy and Shirley- American Cream Draft Horses  12" x 16" SOLD

(Limited Edition Giclee prints available in sizes up to 20" x 24")



Put out to Pasture, (old Cockshutt tractor) 12" x 12" oil on gallery wrap canvas



Reverence- Digital Photo Collage   (Limited Edition Giclees Available, framed to 16" x 20")



First pair of spurs  12" x 12" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



A Cowboy's Life  16" x 24" Oil Sold  (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



Brahma Bull Rider  16" x 20" Oil (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



Living his Dream. 18" x 24" oil



Big Steps - Little Britches  11" x 14" Oil (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



Iron Eyes Cody  11" x 14" Pastel 



The Trapper, Jeremiah Johnson  12" x 16" Oil  Sold  (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



Scout  11" x 14" Oil  Sold  (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



Spring Fever- The Roan  11" x 14" Oil  Sold (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



Feeding Time- 12" x 16"  Oil  Sold  (Limited Edition Giclees Available)



Abandoned Homestead on the Prarie  12" x 16" Oil



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